Generating Interior design

 clients doesn’t have to be hard

Most websites in design industry don’t see any return on investment and it shouldn’t be that way. 
Sure, a website gives you an online presence and is often a new customer’s first impression of your business but if the website isn’t generating leads for your business, something is terribly wrong.

What to expect

I know there are plenty of companies you can choose from. At the same time, I am proud of the experience I have created for my clients which makes it hard to match anywhere else. When you choose me to help take your business to the next level, you can expect:

➔ Direct access to your growth consultant

➔ Ongoing communication about your progress

➔ Simple terms (you don’t have to learn internet marketing just to speak to me)

➔ Stress free experience

How i get results



Goals of every business is individual. I work with you to create a strategy to understand your customers. I create unique and custom made strategy to help you compete in crowded marketplace


I am not just delivering a fancy website or SEO to every client. To make sure I’m building what you need I have a planning project process to keeping you involved in planning, and once you approved I now start bringing success to your business.

Evaluate and Scale

  • Reliablity 100%
  • Experience Webdesign 95%
  • SEO Optimization 85%
  • Felxible and Creative 100%

I am

 HERE  for you!

Elena Barashyan

Elena Barashyan

Founder of Ash-Creek Digital Agency

Hi. My name is Elena Barashyan and I am an expert in digital industry for the interior design industry. I am here to help you to create awesome  and optimized website as well as we help you to promote it for you to get first positions on search engines (like Google) as a result you will get lots of hot leads for your prosperous business. Our support service is always here to help you.

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